Alicia’s Lesson and Training Rides Rates

HSL only offers lessons to horse owners/leasers. Unfortunately, we no longer offer academy lessons.

Training Rides: Monthly Single
$160 $50
Boarder Lessons: Monthly Single
Group/Semi $220 $65
Private $260 $75
  • Training rides will be discounted $10 per rider tacks and untacks horse.
  • Month lessons are 4 consecutive weekly lessons taken each month and to be paid the first week of the month.
  • The monthly packages are discounted $10/lesson from the pay as you go rate


Show Information and Fees

HSL does shows from the local to the AA level to suit all needs.

Show Charges: 1 Rider/Horse 2 or More Riders
Training at Show $100/day $65/day
Trainer Rides at Show $50/day $50/day
Full Care With Tack Up (If horse requires lunging or trainer ride, $100 per day.) $75/day $75/day
Full Care Without Tack Up $55/day $55/day
Partial Care $35/day $35/day
Shipping (Commercial shippers may charge more.) $1.50/mile $1.25/mile
Trainer Room Split Total cost split by the # of riders
Trainer Meals $30/day split by the # of riders
Groom’s Room Split Total cost split by the # of riders

15% commission is charged on all horses purchased, sold or leased through Alicia Wilkinson


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